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Ocean Freight

For low-cost long-distance and large-cargo shipping, choose Santos International ocean freight services.

If you’re looking for a low-cost, long-distance shipping method, ocean or sea freight is the obvious answer. Thanks to the size of cargo ships, there are very few limits on the size of shipments that can be sent by sea freight, from the smallest to the largest. Ocean freight is by far the most environmentally friendly option for long-distance shipping, and the same factors that make it low-carbon also keep it low-cost.

Do You Need Ocean Freight for Your Business?

Ocean freight offers several unique advantages over air and ground. Ocean freight is great for large, bulky cargo shipments, and shipments of raw materials, though the options are virtually limitless. Liquid bulk items, dry bulk, container cargo, and machinery are often shipped by sea. Sea freight might be right for your business if you want to ship long distances cheaply. After all, sea freight is often several times cheaper than air. Even for small shipments, ocean freight might be the best option. A transportation expert at Santos International can help you determine which shipping method you need.

The Advantages of Santos International Sea Freight Services

  • Low-Cost
  • Large or Small Shipments
  • Large, Heavy Cargo
  • Safe
  • Carbon-Efficient
  • Flexible Options

Regulations on Sea Freight: What You Need To Know

Like any other type of freight, there are specific regulations in place on intranational and international ocean freight. First, there are some restrictions on the types of hazardous materials that can be sent by sea freight, including some flammable and dangerous goods. There are also regulations on the import and export of goods via ocean freight. You can avoid penalties and ensure that your shipments are compliant by working with a U.S. customs broker at Santos International.

Get your goods where they need to go, safely and on time with Santos International sea and ocean freight services. Reach out!