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Inventory management and logistics to help streamline your supply chain. We KNOW Maquiladora* operations!

Streamline your Maquila’s* supply chain with inventory management and logistics services offered by Santos International. The company provides services to small as well as large maquilas* in the US, Mexico, and other countries.

Inventory management and logistics to help streamline your supply chain. We KNOW Maquiladora* operations!

With decades of experience in international inventory management, Santos International is well recognized for helping Maquilas* and other industrial manufacturers streamline their supply chain. As US Customs Brokers, we help companies in the US, Mexico, and other countries find consumers and guide them through the complex codes related to customs. Our vast inventory of transportation vehicles backed by experts allows us to deliver goods, regardless of their nature, in perfect condition and within the given time constraint. With our experience in servicing small to large industrial companies alike, we are prepared to help our clients meet any and every challenge that may surface in the course of their dealings.

* Referred to as a maquila, a maquiladora is a plant for manufacturing or assembly usually operated in Mexico by foreign companies. The finished products are exported back to the home country after importing raw materials, components, or semi-finished goods to assemble or process them.

Proven Track Record

Santos International is recognized for customized and thorough service, since 1949.

Access several licensed U.S. Customs Brokers who can interpret regulations and review options.

We can offer the services of a U.S. customs attorney to research any issue that is particular to your industry or company.

Every Import Department employee is thoroughly trained in all facets of durable goods clearance to ensure quality service.

Warehouse Distribution

Flexibility and willingness to customize

Strategically pool less than-truckload orders from multiple shippers

Implement solutions to optimize the supply chain that will enhance customer service and reduce costs

Partnership with offices and warehouses internationally

Real time inventory

Contract facility

Supplier replenishment consolidation hub


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