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Ground Freight

Your low-cost, reliable transportation solution: Santos International ground freight services.

We have extensive experience in land transport and logistics, and have expertise in truckload services, rail services, freight consolidation, and ensuring competitive prices. We focus on maximizing efficiencies through freight consolidation, thereby reducing costs and reducing our environmental footprint. 

Our expertise in negotiating competitive prices ensures that companies can benefit from cost-effective ground transportation solutions while maintaining high levels of service quality and reliability. Our land-based logistics services carry a wealth of knowledge and experience, making us a valuable asset in the field of transportation and supply chain management.

Do You Need Ground Freight for Your Business?

Ground freight is a great option for businesses looking for flexible, low-cost, and reliable methods of shipping. Trucking is often used for large, heavy loads, but you can also send partial loads to save money by splitting costs with other businesses also sending cargo in the same truck. While ground freight is often slower than other methods, like air freight, it is also a much cheaper option. Trucking is ideal for deliveries traveling short distances and deliveries that are less time-sensitive. To determine the best freight option for your business, get in touch with our logistics experts.

The Benefits of Santos International Ground Freight Services

  • Low-Cost
  • Ship Hazardous Materials
  • Trucking and Rail
  • Flexible Options
  • Ship Large Loads
  • Fewer Cargo Limitations
  • Ship Heavy Loads
  • Freight Consolidation

What You Need To Know About Ground Freight Regulations

There are fewer regulations and requirements on ground freight compared to air and sea, but your cargo and loading will still need to be compliant with state and federal laws, especially if you’re shipping hazardous or perishable loads. Regulations are even stricter when it comes to international shipments. The good news is that a U.S. customs broker like Santos International can help you ensure your cargo is compliant and ready for international shipping.

Get your goods where they need to go, safely and efficiently, with ground freight services from Santos International. Get in touch today!