Customs Broker Mexico


With Santos International at your side, the partnering possibilities are endless.

For affordable and efficient customs brokerage, transportation, and warehousing services in the US, Mexico, and throughout the world, Santos International is the preferred choice. Our company offers customized supply chain solutions to maquilas and other industries in the country.

As a leading US customs broker and logistics company, Santos International provides efficient and integrated supply chain solutions to importers and exporters across the USA, Mexico, and the world. For over 50 years, our expertise and capabilities have grown consistently: we now cover a wide range of customizable services including customs brokerage, warehousing, and transportation. Hiring our company will accelerate your shipping process without any hassle or costly delays.


Customs Brokerage

Our extensive experience and knowledge of U.S. Customs allows us to meet the unique needs of every client. Avoiding penalties and seizures will save you time, effort, and money, helping to sustain a smooth flow of work. With the backing of licensed customs brokers and remote location privileges, we ensure clear shipments for all our clients.



We use an integrated information system to provide you with accurate and efficient information, information which in turn helps you to control and manage your warehouse. Our first-rate and individualized warehousing skills are coupled with our credentials, including our association with international warehouses and offices, and the fact that we offer contract facilities to lend the most promising solutions to your company.

Aerial view, of sea freight containers in Yantian port in shenzhen city, China


We have the resources to transport your goods safely and promptly via air, water, or land. Being a member of United Shipping. Inc. global partnership, enables us to assist you at a very personal level all over the globe and makes us a sought-after ocean freight forwarder. Our approach includes being involved at every step while transporting your goods.


Fresh Produce

We provide the best solutions for importing fresh produce. We understand that the reputation of producers of fresh produce depends on the extent to which we are able to retain the freshness of their products. Getting caught up with market-grade requirements can delay the shipment of novice suppliers.


Industrial / Maquilas

With decades of experience in international inventory management, we are well recognized for helping Maquilas and other industrial manufacturers streamline their supply chain. As US Customs Brokers, we help companies in the US and Mexico find consumers and guide them through the complex codes related to customs.

Aerial view, of sea freight containers in Yantian port in shenzhen city, China


We can help you identify reliable partners in your destination regions to enable a smoother shipment and processing. Reduce costs and avoid pitfalls with capable partners where your goods are being shipped.