Services We Provide

With Santos International at your side, the partnering possibilities are endless.

For affordable and efficient customs brokerage, transportation and warehousing services in US or Mexico, Santos International is the preferred choice. The company offers customized supply chain solutions to maquilas and other industries in the country.

As a leading US customs broker and logistics company, Santos International provides efficient and integrated supply chain solutions to importers and exporters across the USA and Mexico. For over 63 years, our services have grown consistently, and we now cover a wide range of services including customs brokerage, warehousing, transportation and customized programs. Hiring our company will accelerate your shipping process without any hassle or costly delays.

  • Customs Brokerage: We possess the knowhow of U.S. Customs which assures that you are able to tackle customs requirements pertaining to your particular case and industry. Avoiding penalties and seizures will save you time, effort and money, thus helping sustain a smooth flow of work. With the backing of licensed customs brokers and remote location privileges, we power clear shipments for all our clients.
  • Ocean and Air Freight: We have the resources to transport your goods safely and promptly via air or water. Being a member of United Shipping. Inc. global partnership, enables us to assist you at a very personal level all over the globe and makes us a sought after ocean freight forwarder. Our approach includes being involved at every step while transporting your goods.
  • Warehousing: We use an integrated information system to provide you accurate and efficient information which in turn helps you in controlling and managing materials through your warehouse. Coupled with our first-rate and individualized warehousing skills, are our credentials such as our association with international warehouses and offices, and the fact that we offer contract facilities to lend the most promising solutions to your company.
  • Transportation: Our large network of expert companies, independently owned customs brokers, freight forwarders and domestic truck and rail services, lets us provide the most reliable transportation services for all your goods, regardless of their nature. Our capabilities and knowledge of US customs guarantees that your goods will be delivered in a hassle free manner.
  • Customized Programs: We also offer C-TPAT registration, FDA registration and Cargo insurance. Registering with these regulatory bodies may be necessary and will help you prevent any confusion or last minute chaos. Our cargo insurance policies are reasonably priced and meant to avoid heavy losses during unfortunate events. The carrier is generally not responsible to reimburse you for the losses, which makes it imperative for you to get cargo insurance.
  • Product Knowledge: We offer product knowledge for the following industries:

Maquilas – U.S. run Mexican companies
Produce – Producers of vegetables, fruits, grains and other fresh products
Haz-Mat – Manufacturers of hazardous chemicals, solutions like flammables and explosives.