Questions To Ask When Selecting A Customs Broker In Houston

Jul 15 2016

The realm of custom brokers is not only limited to clearance of goods through customs. Nowadays, they offer a variety of services that assist traders in developing unique product lines, trimming down manufacturing costs and discovering new market avenues. Therefore, it is essential to choose a customs broker only after a systematic and thorough research. He should be reliable and prove to be an asset for your business.

While selecting a customs broker in Houston, following are some of the questions you need to ask:

  • What is your long-term vision?
    You need to be aware about the short and long-term goals of the customs brokerage provider that you are considering to hire. Ask if they have developed specific strategies to give your business an edge over your competitors. You should ask where the customs brokerage firm envisions itself in the next couple of years in terms of technology and financial stability.
  • What is the level of your past performance?
    Initial research is necessary before approaching any particular customs brokerage company in Houston. Use the internet to learn about the business and client satisfaction level. Once you actually approach the firm, ask them about their experience and expertise. This will help you gauge their ability of committing towards your business requirements in the future.
  • How much stability does your company have?
    Stability of a customs brokerage firm is a pre-requisite before choosing it for your business. You can directly ask for references and get in touch with some of their previous clients to gather more valuable information. 
  • What is the price for your services?
    The total charges of customs brokerage services is a sum total of various expenses and fees put together. These may include OGA reporting, TIB Entry, Importer Security Filing (ISF) etc. You need to ask about a detailed breakdown of the different services and know the exact charges. The pricing structure may vary according to state as well as the type of goods you want to import/export.
  • Are there any legal proceedings going on against the company?
    Last but not the least, you need to be sure there are no pending lawsuits against the customs brokerage firm. Since a customs broker has to deal with the Federal agencies and handle a lot of paperwork on a daily basis, violation lawsuits can prove to be detrimental for your company’s reputation. Get in touch with Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the US Department of the Treasury to get information on this aspect.

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