Manage Your Business With Trusted Freight Forwarders In Mexico

Jun 13 2016

For import/export businesses in Mexico, handling the extensive number of shipments and keeping a track of supply chain can be a challenging task. Hiring a freight forwarder can be of great help to make sure that all the activities are being carried out smoothly. Whether you need to import raw materials to begin production or export finished good to the end customers, he can help you transport the goods in the most efficient manner, allowing you to make huge savings on time and money.

Listed below are some ways freight forwarders can help in a better management of your business operations:

Packing, Warehousing And Distribution

A freight forwarder will ensure an efficient packaging, storage and distribution of the consignment. He will provide a suitable warehouse space for the goods to be stored before being shipped or after arrival of imports till further distribution. He will make sure that the goods are properly packed to avoid any sort of damage during transit. If you deal in food grade, fragile, temperature sensitive or other specific types of goods, the freight forwarder will arrange for transporters who have experience in handling such consignments.

Better Rates For Transportation

Freight forwarders work in association with different air, land and ocean carriers so they can get you the best rates on transportation. Their knowledge of complex logistics issues and dealing with huge volumes of goods allow them to negotiate better with the transport companies. They will also inform you about the most cost-effective and feasible transport options according to the type of goods you want to import/export. Therefore, hiring a freight forwarder can bring long term financial benefits for your Mexico based business.

Efficient Freight Consolidation

Freight forwarders also have experience in consolidating less-than container load (LCL) freights to reduce the overall shipping costs. Combining several small shipments from different shippers and intended for different consignees allows you to safely transport the goods without the risk of damage due to insufficiently loaded container. When you handle the freight forwarding process on your own, you may not have access to the consolidators who are willing to combine their shipments with yours. A freight forwarder can help you in this regard, while dealing with the complexities of customs clearance documentation, tariffs and other regulations.

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