How To Select A Chemical Warehouse Provider In McAllen

Mar 28 2016

Shipping chemical products safely is a huge responsibility. If not handled efficiently, they may pose substantial threat to health and environment. It is imperative to select a third party logistic (3PL) provider who can securely store, handle and ship your chemical products. Below are some tips that can help in selecting a chemical warehouse provider in McAllen:

  • Experience is of utmost importance: The chemicals are classified into various categories and not all 3PLs are adept at handling every class of chemicals. For instance, hazardous chemicals such as explosives, flammables and oxidizers require rigorous storage and handling methods. Hence, you need to be sure that your chemical warehouse provider in McAllen is a pro in handling the kind of chemicals your company deals with. All the requisite procedures and permissions must already be in place to handle your class of chemical products.
  • Look for a provider who can cater to your future needs: It is essential to look for a chemical warehouse provider who can handle your present as well as future requirements. Since changing service providers poses a huge financial risk, it is better to deal with a partner who can handle your requisites for a longer time period. A company keeps on evolving and trying the latest low-cost shipping options. So, always choose a provider only after planning your strategy for the future.
  • Well-trained staff: It is crucial to choose a chemical warehouse provider that has a well-trained staff. All the employees must have proper training regarding the health and safety measures. The warehouse workers must be aware about the potential hazards associated with their field of work and the precautions they need to take for safe shipping as well storing of chemical goods.
  • Staff should be able to manage spillages effectively: A safe chemical warehouse provider will have a secure system for dealing with spillages. There are different management skills to deal with liquid and solid spillages. While barrier materials such as sand bags and absorbent granules may be required to handle liquid spillages; solid spillages require a specific kind of vacuum cleaner to be removed completely from a particular area.
  • Location is critical: The location of a chemical warehouse provider is critical because transporting chemicals over longer distances is not only expensive but also dangerous. You should select a provider that is centrally located as this will reduce the risk factor along with equipment and insurance costs.
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