Heavy Equipment Shipping Tips: Freight Forwarder Mexico

Mar 14 2016

Shipping heavy equipment, such as farming, industrial, mining or construction machinery, is usually a matter of concern for businesses. If the transportation process is not carried out efficiently, it may lead to monetary losses, unforeseen accidents during transit and other damages caused due to improper handling of equipment. It is, therefore, important to follow certain steps to make the process easier and shipping the bulky as well as expensive equipment smoothly. Here are some tips that can help:

  • Know The Load Specifications: Industrial and construction machinery can be extremely huge and may require special types of heavy-duty vehicles to be towed. Thus, being familiar with the specifications of the equipment is essential to ensure a safe transportation. This will also help your freight forwarding company to obtain the necessary permits from the concerned authority in order to prevent any shipment delays as well as legal complications.
  • Prepare The Equipment: Make sure that the equipment is properly packaged according to the recommendations given in the owner’s manual. Cover the equipment completely to protect it from unfavorable weather conditions. You should secure any loose parts, drain engine fluids and disconnect batteries to avoid any sort of damage during loading or unloading. Also inquire about any other safety protocols that need to be followed for transportation.
  • Choose A Carrier: Considering the excessive load and complexities involved in shipping heavy equipment, it is advisable to choose a company with the relevant experience. They should have all the machinery required to transport and bear the weight of your large equipment. The staff should be well-versed in handling any difficulties that may arise on the way. Also, some equipment may be too tall or heavy to go on certain roads or under bridges, so the freight forwarding company should be able to decide the best possible route to transport your goods safely.
  • Insure The Shipment: It is important to invest in cargo insurance to safeguard from any damages that may occur to the equipment during transportation. Ask your freight forwarder about the different coverage options and the types of damages they include. Also ask them about the minimum coverage limits required for the amount of load you are transporting.

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