Ways To Ensure Your Shipments Arrive Safely: Freight Forwarder Mexico

Feb 26 2016

Transporting your finished goods safely to the end customers or retailers is essential for a successful business transaction. Whether it is small or large consignment, delivering it at the right time and to the right place is critical. As there are a wide range of shipping options available, such as land, sea and air, you can select the one that suits your budget as well as requirements.

No matter which option you choose, here are some ways to ensure that your shipments arrive safely:

  • Know Your Freight Forwarder: Before entering into a contract with the freight forwarding company, ensure that you have thoroughly checked its credentials. Verify their contact information, licensing and other important details. Arrange a personal meeting, talk to their previous clients and look up for online testimonials to evaluate the reputation of the company in the industry.
  • Prepare A Clear Contract: Make sure you enter into a legally binding contract clearly stating all the terms and conditions of the agreement. It should include clauses related to the transportation methods, sales conditions, payment mode, product volume and type, quality guarantee etc. Read the contract carefully before signing. 
  • Stay Connected: When the shipment has left the source, you should keep a constant track of its progress. Freight forwarders have real time information about the location of each shipment during the transit period, right from the source to destination. Also, ascertain that your goods will be handled efficiently during shipment. The transporters should be familiar with the type of goods, the potential problems that could come up and the viable ways to tackle them. 
  • Cargo Insurance: In order to protect your goods against unforeseen damages during the transit period, it is advisable that you invest in cargo insurance. This is specifically important if you are shipping large quantities or high value items. 
  • Hire A Specialist: If you are required to ship specific types of goods, such as valuable antiques, food grade items, chemical substances or potentially dangerous merchandizes, you must hire a freight forwarder with specialization in handling such shipment. With this, you can have a dedicated team focused exclusively on the secure delivery of the goods from the start to finish.
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