Choosing The Right Warehouse For Your Hazardous Goods

Feb 15 2016

Stock is the most important aspect required to maintain the flow of supply chain. Businesses that deal with the manufacturing or storage of hazardous goods, such as oxygen peroxides, LPG, ammonium nitrate and other flammable liquids, need to find a suitable warehouse for proper storage. The safety standards adopted at the warehouse should be apt to deal with the physical and chemical properties as well as the health risks posed by the stored goods.

Here are some of the factors that you need to consider while choosing a warehouse for your hazardous goods:

  • Experience: When looking for a warehouse service provider, you must choose the one that has a considerable experience in storing your specific type of hazardous goods. The staff should be aware of the laws concerning the safety standards to be followed while storing such material.
  • Well Trained Staff: The employees at the warehouse must possess the basic training required to ensure their safety and health at work. They should be familiar with the health risks associated with the type of work they do and the precautions they need to take. The staff should also be knowledgeable about the environmental conditions, temperature and packaging required to prevent any kind of damage to the stored goods.
  • Efficiency: The warehouse management should be responsible for both ensuring the safety of their own employees and handling your goods in an efficient manner. Ask them about the criteria for identifying new goods that enter the warehouse and how they are labeled as well as classified. Make sure the containers they use to store the goods are up to the quality standards.  
  • Ability To Deal With Accidents: The staff should be proficient in dealing with minor as well as major accidents related to the hazardous materials stored in the warehouse. These may include spillages, punctured storage bag, leaks or fires. They must be well versed with the immediate steps to be taken to safeguard both the warehouse employees as well as the goods stored within the facility.

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