Questions You Need to Ask Your Freight Forwarder In Mexico

Nov 24 2015

If your business involves shipping items overseas, it is important that your goods are transported timely and safely to the destination. A freight forwarding company can help to streamline the delivery of goods from the manufacturer to the consumer. They will help you select the most suitable mode of transportation and find the right carrier in order to minimize costs as well as maximize efficiency. However, choosing the right freight forwarder is critical to the success of your import/import business. 

Here are some questions that you need to ask your freight forwarder in Mexico:

Do they have experience in handling your type of cargo?

There are different types of cargo that businesses need to transport, including apparels, machinery, chemicals, food grade items to perishable goods like glassware. The freight forwarder that you choose must have experience in shipping the type of goods that you deal in. They should be able to keep your products safe during transit and handle any potential problems that may arise on the way.

Do they have a good network of agents at origin/destination ports?

When your consignment reaches the endpoint, delivering it to the end user requires a good network of agents. Your freight forwarder should have reliable contacts in both the origin and destination country so that the shipment can be transported timely.

How many modes of transportation do they use?

The freight forwarding company should offer multiple options to transport your goods, including air, ocean and land. This will provide you the flexibility of switching to another mode of transportation if the previously chosen one does not seem to be feasible.

Are they financially stable?

You should always check the company’s financial stability before signing any contract. Make sure that they do not have any credit or debt problems. They should be able to make payment to their freight carrier to get your cargo released without any delays.

What is their document turnaround time?

When you ship goods overseas, it is important to be prepared with the required documents to get the consignment cleared from the customs. Your freight forwarder should be well-versed with all the paperwork and form filling to ensure quick clearance.

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