Finding The Right Laredo Warehousing For Your Needs

Oct 28 2015

Warehousing is the most important aspect of an export/import business. Streamlining of the packaging, storing and loading of finished goods is essential to run the business operations smoothly. You should have a secure place to store your stock in order to maintain a well-organized supply chain. However, with a number of warehousing options available, choosing the one suitable for your company’s needs may be challenging.

Here are some of the factors that you need to consider while finding the right warehousing for your business:

  • Location: The location of your warehouse is the key factor in determining the ease of distributing and receiving goods. Decide the most feasible mode of transportation for your goods to choose a warehouse close to major rail and ocean routes. For instance, if you have a small business with regional customer base, you should choose a warehouse close to the manufacturing unit. In contrast, if you need international shipping, warehouses near major sea and air ports should be selected.   
  • Cost: As a business owner, you need to cut down on overheads as far as possible. Thus, you should choose a warehouse that you can comfortably afford while not compromising on your profits. In addition to the per square foot price of using the warehouse, you should also take into account the costs of transportation, labor, fuel and taxes.
  • Size: The warehouse that you choose must be able to handle the volume and provide sufficient space to store your inventory easily. In addition, if you have a small business, you must make sure that there is sufficient room for expansion in the warehouse space.
  • Storage Requirements: If you need to store specific type of products or raw materials, such as inflammable items, hazardous chemicals, perishable food items or temperature sensitive medical goods, make sure that the warehouse is equipped to accommodate your needs. The staff should have complete knowledge about storing the type of your goods safely. Also, the warehouse should have proper safety equipment installed to avoid any damage.
  • Services Provided: Warehousing services involve a wide range of services such as product labeling, transportation, reporting, inventory management etc. Assess the ones required by your company at present and in the near future to choose appropriate services. Also, ensure that you can include or exclude a service any time according to your company’s requirements.

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