Benefits Of International Freight Forwarding

Oct 20 2015

In the present day economy, exporters and importers need to be prompt in their services to succeed. Though established companies are well versed with the complexities of the process, many entrepreneurs from start-up small or medium sized businesses find international shipping a daunting task. In such situations, hiring a professional freight forwarder can make the whole process much easier. He can assist in transporting cargo to an international destination and preparing the required documents to simplify the process. The freight forwarder will act as a mediator between the shipper and the transporter to make sure that the goods are shipped smoothly.

Here are some benefits of hiring freight forwarding services for international shipping:

  • Knowledge: A professional freight forwarder has the necessary resources and expertise to handle the documentation that may otherwise be time consuming as well as difficult. These may include the commercial invoice, bill of lading, commercial invoice etc. A freight forwarding company has a wide network of air and ocean transporters to ensure timely as well as safe delivery of your cargo.
  • Manage Supply Chain: A freight forwarder will help you evaluate the most appropriate transportation option according to the size and weight of the cargo. Business owners can also take advantage of choosing flexible scheduling options for transporting different categories of merchandize such as frozen food grade items, perishable goods, hazardous chemicals, pharmaceutical products etc. The freight forwarder will also select the most feasible route of transportation that calls for minimal cost and time investment.
  • Customized Services: International freight forwarders provide a seamless and unified transportation services right from the source point to the final destination. They maintain the highest safety standards to make sure that the goods are shipped on time without any damage. They will verify if the goods have been properly packaged or not. They even offer cargo insurance to overcome the financial risks associated with cross-border transportation.
  • Easy To Track Shipment: With an online tracking system, business owners can track the status of their shipped goods in real-time. This helps to ensure that the goods are moving at the right pace and will reach the destination within the scheduled time.

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