Warehouse Services in Laredo, TX – The Basics

Sep 19 2015

Efficiency in warehouse services is critical to the success of any import-export company. Choosing the right warehouse and using it effectively can substantially contribute to improving your company’s bottom line. Warehousing is a key element of supply chain management as the products are disassembled, assigned to their specific destinations, re-packaged and shipped to the endpoint. 

Here are some of the important tips that can help to streamline your business’ warehousing:

  • Choose Location Wisely: The location of the warehouse should be carefully decided as this will further determine how efficiently you are able to transmit or receive goods. The facility should be situated in a central location, close to both the manufacturing plant and the areas of high demand. Transportation infrastructure should also be considered to make sure your goods can easily reach both clients and customers.
  • Cross Docking: This is an effective method of improving customer service and reducing shipping costs. With cross docking, you would need less warehouse space, pay less for labor costs and your products will reach the customers much sooner.
  • Communicate Openly: When you choose a warehouse service provider, you need to be open and straightforward in communication. Not being open about your needs properly may lead to several issues which can eventually turn bigger in future. Frequently share your feedback and areas of improvement in the warehouse services.
  • Vision For Future Expansion: Shifting warehouses can be an extremely exhaustive task. Therefore, when looking for a warehouse, you should contemplate over the permanence it can offer. Evaluate your plans for business expansion at present as well as in the near future. Accordingly, you can figure out your budget and space required in the warehouse. You should be able to customize or add services as and when your company grows.
  • Ease In Transportation: The warehouse facility should have an easy access to the different means of transportation, including road, rail, ocean and airways. With this, it will be much easier and affordable for you to meet the demands of both regional and international customers.

We, at Santos International, provide comprehensive warehouse services in Laredo, TX. We provide customized solutions depending upon your business size, the nature of activities and the type of goods that need to be stored in the warehouse. For more information, you can call us at (956) 717 - 9707 or visit our office at 419 Grand Central Boulevard, Laredo, Texas 78041.