Steps For Clearing Customs

Jul 29 2015

Importing goods to U.S requires certain important steps to be followed to ensure that the consignment is safely cleared through the customs. There is a lot of paperwork, filing, goods classification and documentation involved. All the products that enter into the country’s border need to meet certain import quotas or regulations before their possession can be taken. Although the whole process can be a little perplexing and time consuming, working with a customs broker can help you cut through the red tape.

Here are a few important guidelines that can help you clear your shipment through U.S. customs:

Entering Merchandize

The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) monitor all the merchandize imported to U.S. As a business owner, you need to follow two main steps: 

  • Submitting documents to allow the assessment of duties and charges
  • Submitting documents to allow CBP to determine if the goods should be cleared or not  

You can enter your merchandize either informally or formally. Both vary in the specific criteria, amount of paperwork required and the type of documents that need to be submitted. Whether your shipment can be entered as formal or informal depends upon its type and invoice amount. 

Informal Entries

An informal entry involves a consignment with an invoice value of not more than US$ 2000. However, this is not applicable for textile products, which are categorized as a formal entry. In the case of an informal entry, your transportation representative will notify that the goods have arrived at the port. Subsequently, you or your customs broker can go to the destination to pay the required duties and get the goods cleared. 

Formal Entries

This is a little more complex procedure but the customs broker can help to go about the process much easily. He will keep the required documents at hand before the arrival of the shipment. Depending upon the country of origin, type of products, invoice amount and quantity of goods, a surety bond may be attached with the documents to cover any duties or fee that may be charged. Customs broker usually have a large surety bond at hand for the convenience of their clients. 

We, at Santos International, provide comprehensive custom brokerage services in Pharr, TX. Our team can help to get your shipment cleared through the U.S. customs without incurring any costly penalties or consignment sequestrations. For more information, you can call us at (956) 782 – 1320 or visit our office at 3329 S. Jackson Road, Pharr, Texas 78577.