Choosing The Right Warehouse Services In Pharr, TX

Jul 21 2015

The essence of an effective trading business lies in its finished goods. Therefore, it is essential that the warehouse you choose to store the merchandize is suitable for your company’s specific requirements. Business owners are often engulfed seeking two essential features of a warehouse, i.e. location and space available. Although they do play an important role, there are loads of other factors that need to be considered while choosing warehouse services. 

Here are some of the factors that can help you select the right warehouse services for your company:

Type Of Warehouse

Mainly, there are three options when it comes to warehousing -

  • Public Warehouse: In this, companies can lease space for a fixed per square foot fee charged every month. This is an ideal solution for business that experience sudden or seasonal increase in finished goods. 
  • Private Warehouse: This is owned and operated by the company that needs to store the merchandize. Although a private warehouse provides complete autonomy over personnel selection and security features, it is not usually recommended due to the large amount of capital required to manage it.
  • Contract Warehouse: This involves leasing space for a fixed period for a specific cost per square foot. They are usually cost-effective and offer many features such as forklifts, racking, customized docks and round the clock security.

Warehousing Purpose

You must also determine the type of goods that your company needs to store in the warehouse. For instance, if you need to hoard perishable items that may get damaged in extreme temperature or moisture, make sure the warehouse is properly equipped to handle that. Similarly, adequate safety precautions should be in place to store hazardous and flammable materials. The warehousing service you choose should be completely familiar with your products before the arrival of the consignment. 

Warehousing Costs

Apart from the cost of warehouse space per square foot, it is essential that you consider the expenses for transportation, fuel and taxes. These are important determining factors in your selection of warehouse services.  

Warehouse Services

Depending upon the type of goods that you store in the warehouse, you may need different services. These may include product labeling, ample storage, ultra clean fcility, inventory management and reporting, transportation etc. You must determine the services your company requires at present and may need in the future to choose a warehouse accordingly. 

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