Responsibilities Of A Freight Forwarder

Mar 19 2015

Freight forwarders are agents working towards helping the clients to efficiently export or import goods across international borders. They are responsible for ensuring the smooth transportation and delivery of merchandizes to multiple destinations in the world. The freight forwarders can often be described as the travel agents of global trading. They are proficient in handling any problem that arises while transporting goods in order to help businesses streamline their operations and reduce overheads. For instance, if you need to send a consignment from a specific country to another, the forwarder will ensure that the transportation is being carried out in the most cost effective and least time consuming manner.

Given here are some of the major responsibilities of freight forwarder:

  • Identifying the most viable route: The most essential accountability of freight forwarder is to identify the most feasible rote to transport the goods. This involves identifying the route that calls for a minimum investment of time and cost.
  • Choosing the means of transport: Once the route has been selected, the freight forwarder will then decide on the means of transporting the goods, such as land, air or ocean. The decision should depend upon the types of products in transit as well the time constraints. For instance, if you have to transport perishable goods, airfreight would be a good option instead of ocean freight.
  • Cross checking the packing: Before shipping the consignment, the freight forwarder will also be responsible for verifying if the goods have been packaged properly or not. They are aware of the way goods are handled during transit. Therefore, they make sure that the products are packed properly and will reach the destination safely.
  • Negotiating price: As a business owner, you only need to pay transportation charges to the freight forwarder. He will be responsible for all the expenses related to the middlemen involved in the process. A forwarder can also negotiate well with the carriers and help you cut down on the overall costs of transportation.
  • Handling paperwork: They are also responsible for obtaining all the permissions and licenses required to move the goods outside a state’s or country’s border. The freight forwarder will also get the insurance for the delayed delivery or any damage caused to the goods during transportation.
  • Tracking goods: Once the goods have been dispatched from the source, the freight forwarder will track the consignment in real-time and keep you updated about the same.

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