Choosing The Right Air Freight Forwarder In Mexico

Dec 15 2015

Maintaining an efficient supply chain is critical for any business that involves international trading of goods. Similarly, choosing a reliable air freight forwarding company is essential for timely and safe delivery of your shipment across borders. They will ensure that your goods are transported through the most cost-effective route in order to streamline your company’s trade processes and increase profits.

Given below are some tips to choose the right air freight forwarder in Mexico:

  • Know Your Requirements: Before beginning your search, make sure you have a complete understanding of your business’ freight forwarding requirements and the type of services you need. Evaluate the goods to be shipped in terms of category, quantity, volume, any risks involved and the destination location.
  • Look For A Broad Portfolio: Make sure you choose an experienced freight forwarder with a vast portfolio of satisfied clients and access to numerous carriers globally. Having an established company by your side will ascertain a quick and secure transportation, thereby reducing costs and cargo hand-offs between networks.
  • Ability To Transport Specific Goods: Apart from their experience and know-how of the freight forwarding industry, you should also inquire if the company has earlier transported the type of goods you need to export. For instance, certain perishable, inflammable, food-grade items or hazardous chemicals have special handling and storage requirements. Your freight forwarder should be capable enough to take care of your products and resolve unexpected issues that may arise during transit to prevent any damage.  
  • Experience In Customs Transactions: Working with an established air freight forwarder having experience in handling customs issues can provide an added benefit to your business. They will ensure compliance with all the customs rules and regulations in order to reduce transportation delays as well as streamline the movement of your consignment.
  • Proactive Shipment Monitoring: Your air freight forwarder should provide you with real-time and precise tracking information of your shipment throughout the transportation process. This will help you to monitor, manage and control inventory requirements to regulate the flow of supply chain as well as handle any impending issues ahead of time.

We, at Santos International, provide comprehensive air freight forwarding services to the businesses in Mexico. We aim at simplifying the freight forwarding process to assist clients in achieving their logistics as well as supply chain goals. For more information, feel free to call us at (956) 717 – 9707 or visit our office at 419 Grand Central Boulevard, Laredo, Texas 78041.