Steps To Successful Freight Forwarding In Mexico

Aug 19 2015

Freight forwarding is an essential element for the success of any trading business. Transporting goods, whether by land, air or ocean, requires co-ordination and following the regulations to ensure that the goods reach their destination timely as well as safely. Hiring a professional freight forwarder can make the entire process a lot easier. He will act as an arbitrator between you and the transport company so that every aspect of the shipping process can be efficiently handled.

Here are the steps that you need to follow for successful freight forwarding:

  • Understanding And Abiding By The Regulations: If you need to import or export goods from across the border, you must have a complete understanding of the customs regulations pertaining to your product type. Following all the rules dutifully will ensure a smooth transportation of your consignment.
  • Documentation And Compliance Rules: Each country has a different set of rules regarding the import and export of goods. Therefore, you must have a thorough knowledge about the export guidelines of the country from where the goods are being shipped. In addition, understanding the customs and documentation requirements of the destination country is also critical to get your shipped goods safely cleared.
  • Packing And Shipping The Goods: Next, you must make sure that all your goods have a safe packaging to avoid them from getting damaged during the transportation process. You should also carefully select the mode of transportation, such as air, rail truck or ocean, depending upon the type and durability of your products. Shipping by air is quite expensive but is a viable option for goods that do not have a long shelf life. On the other hand, ocean freight forwarding is good for bulky goods that do not require immediate delivery.
  • Insuring Your Consignment: Getting comprehensive cargo insurance helps to mitigate your financial losses in the event of an accident or damage to your goods. Make sure you purchase insurance from a reliable company that offers quality claims procedures at advantageous rates.
  • Reporting Arrival Of Goods: When the consignment reaches the destination, your freight forwarder must report its arrival to the customs officials. This report may be submitted either electronically or as a written document. Subsequently, the customs broker will handle the necessary paperwork and formalities to get your cargo safely cleared.

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