Warehousing And Inventory Management

Jan 27 2015

The terms warehousing and inventory management are types of logistics management systems with a few differences between both of them. Understanding these dissimilarities is essential for business owners as the type of system you use can have significant effect on the efficiency of the business operations.

Given here are some of the major differences between warehousing and inventory management:


This is one of the most important points of distinction between the two types of inventory systems. Warehousing services allow the company to manage all their stored products within a single facility, i.e. the warehouse. Inventory management, on the other hand, is simpler and gives you an estimate of the total stock that you have at a particular storage location. \


With warehousing, you can have the specific details of inventory control, such as the specific locations to place the products and retrieve them at a later point of time. In inventory management, you can only know about the particular product at hand and its available stock in a storage location. In a nutshell, warehousing gives you the information of inventory control, whereas inventory management only provides with the quantity of the goods. 


Another difference between warehousing and inventory management is the extent to which each of them can be incorporated into the logistics management system of the company. Ideally, inventory management is just the initial step of the warehousing processes. On the other hand, warehousing is related to other important aspects of company’s logistics such as sales, distribution, supply and quality control of the goods produced. Thus, inventory management is not as essential for ongoing business operations as warehousing.


Warehouse management services offer businesses an advantage to evaluate and alter their inventory as and when required. The advanced technology used in warehouse management allows for more streamlined and efficient business functioning and inventory management generally does not offer this facility.

There are undoubtedly many differences between warehousing and inventory management systems. Thus, most companies find it difficult to assess their needs and decide on the best solution according to their businesses.

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